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Download Tirante El Blanco Movie Movie: A Historical Adventure Romance

Download Tirante El Blanco Movie Movie: A Historical Adventure Romance

If you are looking for a movie that combines history, romance and adventure, you might want to download Tirante El Blanco movie movie. This film is based on a 15th century Valencian chivalry romance by Joanot Martorell, which was praised by Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote.

Download Tirante El Blanco Movie Movie

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The movie tells the story of Tirante, a brave knight from Aragon who travels to Constantinople to help the Byzantine emperor fight against the Ottoman Turks. There, he falls in love with Carmesina, the emperor's daughter and heiress to the throne. However, their love faces many obstacles, such as political intrigues, religious conflicts and war.

The movie was directed by Vicente Aranda, a Spanish filmmaker known for his adaptations of literary works. The cast includes Caspar Zafer as Tirante, Esther Nubiola as Carmesina, Leonor Watling as Placer De Mi Vida, Ingrid Rubio as Estefania and Victoria Abril as Viuda Reposada. The film was released in 2006 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

If you want to download Tirante El Blanco movie movie, you can find it online on various platforms. However, be aware that downloading movies without paying for them may be illegal in your country. You should always respect the rights of the creators and distributors of the movies you watch.So, is Tirante El Blanco movie movie worth downloading? Well, that depends on your taste and expectations. Some viewers may enjoy the historical setting, the lavish costumes and the romantic plot. Others may find the movie boring, inaccurate and poorly executed. Here are some of the pros and cons of the movie, based on some reviews from critics and audiences:


  • The movie is faithful to the original novel by Joanot Martorell, which is a classic of Catalan literature and one of the first modern novels in Europe.

  • The movie showcases the rich culture and history of Byzantium, a fascinating civilization that was at the crossroads of East and West.

  • The movie features some beautiful actresses, such as Esther Nubiola, Leonor Watling and Victoria Abril, who add some charm and sensuality to the story.


  • The movie is slow-paced, dialogue-heavy and lacking in action and excitement. The battle scenes are brief and blurry, and the sex scenes are tame and repetitive.

  • The movie is historically inaccurate and anachronistic. The costumes, weapons and customs do not match the 15th century period. The characters speak English with different accents, which is confusing and unrealistic.

  • The movie suffers from poor acting, especially from Caspar Zafer, who plays Tirante. He is stiff, wooden and unconvincing as a heroic knight and a passionate lover.

In conclusion, Tirante El Blanco movie movie is not a masterpiece of cinema, but it may appeal to some fans of historical romance. If you decide to download it, be prepared for a long and slow movie that may not live up to your expectations. e0e6b7cb5c


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