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Dragons Race To The Edge - Season 3

This amazing adventure takes place between the stories of the first two How to Train Your Dragon films. Season 2 follows the exciting first season where Hiccup and Toothless discover a mysterious ancient artifact known as the Dragon Eye, a remarkable relic that contains new information about undiscovered dragons and islands far beyond the borders of known Berk. This Dragon Eye is the springboard for Hiccup and the Dragon Riders to leave Berk for the first time, leading to epic adventures packed with new worlds and dragons.

Dragons Race To The Edge - Season 3

Two villainous brothers are introduced this season, Ryker (JB Blanc) and Viggo (Alfred Molina), who use vile tactics to hunt dragons. Throughout the season, the Dragon Riders encounter new dragons, such as the Armor Wing, a large long-necked dragon that lacks natural armor but steals swords, shields and other metal objects to create metallic scales to protect its soft body.

However, much to his shock, Hiccup, still angry at him for attempting to buy Toothless, instead removes his prosthetic leg and sends Krogan falling below to his apparent death. After Stoick the Vast and the Dragon Riders rescue Hiccup, Ryker attempts to kill the latter by throwing a dagger at him, only for Krogan, who is revealed to have survived his fall, to knock him out with Hiccup's removed prosthetic leg. But realizing that he is outnumbered by the Dragon Riders, Krogan jumps from the edge of the cliff and escapes without a trace. 041b061a72


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