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Canon EOS C300 Mark II CFast Card Bug: Here S The Workaround

I tried everything I could to fix my canon 60d that just would not turn on. (I think it got wet or something) anyway the way I fixed it was that i read on a forum somewhere that you should toggle the ON and OFF switch like 100 times when the battery was out then when you put everything back in SLOWLY move it from OFF and ON until you see a sign of life. For me my camera turned on after many months of not working in between the OFF and ON button for a split second.. in that moment i knew i was gonna fix it! I turned the camera off again and keep toggling the ON and OFF button as fast as I could and every time I turned the camera on it was turning on closer to the actual on button. Eventually I had to secure that the ON button was being pushed to the side so the camera would remain on and after leaving it ON for a while it didnt need to be secured anymore and my camera was working! == Turn off camera, removed everything, toggle the ON and OFF button like crazy, put everything back in, slowly move the OFF button to ON and watch for signs of light, repeat several times until you do(for my it was the light from card holding that flashed orange once, nothing else was working) ==

Canon EOS C300 Mark II CFast Card Bug: Here S The Workaround

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