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Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered Trivium Song Pack Verification Download

Great game with very good adaption to the music and it got me addicted. 10/10. Wonderful sequel to Beat Hazard. Active creator, listens to community. Supports open mic (spotify, youtube, pandora, etc.)9.5/10. This sequel is not a let down at all. Not only does the game rock in visuals and with the cool things integrated like being able to play a youtube song and it can pick it up. Thats awesome. I no longer have to download my music in order to play this which is a mega change for me. The leader boards are all there, they now have custom ships just like the DLC in the first game. Everything handles different. You can make your own ships. There are a ton of upgrades and weapons you can choose between I personally stick to defense though which there are many options for. Overall this is the sequel I was wanting and im glad STARG made it!INSANELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. TIME TO UNLEASH THE CHEEKI HARDBASS AGAIN. Just as good as the first Beat Hazard! and has more features and perks. Can't wait for new updates. It's exactly what you expect from a space shootin, music blasting, seizure inducing game of this type. Although its still in early access so not all the ship options are there just yet but its still a blast. Massive upgrade over the previous edition of the game due to the fact that the game will actively listen for music that you are playing on your PC and tune the game to that music. I use Spotify as my music player of choice and it accurately guesses the song/artist 99% of the time.. Beat Hazard was one of my favourite pick and chill games, it offered two things - lots of shooting and my favourite music. Beat Hazard 2 continues the trend with added enemies types and bosses, and even more importantly -- Spotify integration!This was the only thing I wanted from Beat Hazard, the ability for it to recognise songs played from Spotify, Google or iTunes and now it does. While it isn't perfectly smooth at the moment, with the odd blip in frame rate as it loads in the song information and leaderboard (and very rarely not recognising the track at all), it adds a wonderful element to an already great game.The introduction to an in-game display of the song's global leaderboard adds a competitive feel to the game now too. Where previously the scoreboard was hidden away in a menu, this time it is clear to see and even provides your ranking at the end of the song.If the slight issue with the small frame skip/processing lag that occurs during the leaderboard/song info load in can be removed this game is flawless for what it offers and achieves. There isn't anything else out there that comes close to offering a great blasting experience to your favourite songs.The develop is active too, posting on twitter and community forums, answering questions and taking in suggestions, and with a previously released title on their belt it would be a safe bet to say this game will leave 'Early Access' in a very good play state.More reviews here: -LuchaLabs/. BH 1 was one of the best games on Steam, and now BH2 is twice the best. It's just so immersive and fun to play against your own music and the new radio system is amazing. I even use the game to play music in the background. Open Mic is a nice concept and has a lot of potential for playing any music or sound for fun. The new game engine runs better on my Intel GPU laptop than the original game did. This developer is passionate about the game so it's worth your investment. Just buy it already...

Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered Trivium Song Pack Verification Download


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