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Acer platanoides 'Princeton Gold' (Norway maple) was introduced to the nursery and landscape trade in 1987 by the legendary William Flemer III of Princeton Nurseries, Princeton, N.J. Apparently Bill was in the right place at the right time, and on one of his trips through the propagation house, spied an unusual, yellow-leaved Norway maple seedling growing amongst a sea of green-leaved seedlings, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Common Name: Princeton Gold Maple TreeLatin Name: Acer platanoides 'Princeton Gold'Soil: Fertile, moist, well-drainedPosition: Full sun or partial shadeHardiness: Very hardyEventual height/spread: 9/7mSpecial features: A hardy tree with sparkling golden yellow foliage, which turns to a strong lime green over the spring.Acer 'Princeton Gold' is a remarkable looking tree with its spectacular display of sparking golden yellow foliage. It has an upright habit and benefits greatly from being highly disease resistant as well as being adaptable to a wide variety of soil conditions. An excellent variety for any garden with its unique spring displays of colour.

This attractive Norway selection makes a stunning accent plant in the landscape. The foliage is bright golden yellow, especially when young, and the color holds well through the summer. Nicely shaped, this is definitely a tree that attracts attention.

It seems this board has a pretty negative view of any Norway maples. Nurseries seem to reccomend them without problems. So I'm real confused right now because I really like the trees, but don't want to have problems later.

Norway maples do seem to be particularly valuable amenity trees in the intermountain region. I have been to a town in Idaho where it seemed nearly the whole community was shaded by Norway maples. However, I have also seen a wooded ravine in Seattle - which also has dry summers - infested with thousands of Norway maple seedlings. So, even though one might think the arid summers of your region could preclude this pestiferous tree from escaping irrigated areas...maybe inquire or look around locally and see if this species is going wild anywhere in your area.

Description: Ace platanoides 'Princeton Gold' (PRIGO) is a beautiful golden leafed Norway Maple retaining its colour throughout the season. Resistant to scorch in the hottest of summers. A fast growing and worthy tree for any situation.

Introduced in 1987 by William Flemmer of Princeton nurseries. Striking soft golden foliage. Makes a lovely pair with Crimson King for contrast. Beautiful clusters of golden yellow flowers on bare branches before the leaves emerge in April. Good autumn colour. Height to 15m. Any soil or position. Choice.

Like most of the Norway maple cultivars it will do well on most soil types and also copes well with pollution. It is best planted in light shade, which can help combat the tendency to leaf scorch in bright sunshine. Heavy shade will affect the brightness of the leaf colour.

A client who saw the Princeton Gold maples-all 14 of them-in my yard, decided he had to have them. Bravo, I said. Mind you, they are not a tree for the faint of heart. Their lime green leaves are visible for blocks. Love that lime, or grab your sunglasses and wince-these maples make a statement. A big statement. It is one thing to have some lime green coleus, or a few creeping jenny. These maples say lime green on a big scale.

The twelve maples in the ground needed some finishing. 66 flats of baltic ivy made these trees seem part of the existing landscape. Ancient spruce on the lot line had declined. The tops were green; the bottoms-skeletal. Some landscape renovations simply ask for a planting to face down an old and declining planting. Maples do so well in shade; a climax forest in Michigan is beech and maple. I have better luck establishing this tree when it has some protection from afternoon sun. The heads of these maples add some green back to the landscape view at eye level.

Princeton Gold maples stand out from the crowd of greens. This brilliant spring color does fade some when summer arrives. In open areas the top leaves may scorch when the weather gets very hot. They mature at a fairly small size-25-30 feet tall. This makes them an ideal shade tree for a small property.

The light from this skylight really brings that lime to life. This dracaena will do well in this very low light environment. Like the maples, these leaves will scorch if exposed to too much sun. These pots have a very fresh and contemporary look, courtesy of a little lime green.

This Maple has bright golden-yellow foliage. It is a tall, fast-growing, long-lived, deciduous tree, with a bushy, columnar habit. It is a beautiful specimen tree and looks particularly well when planted with Acer Crimson King with its dark purple foliage. 041b061a72


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