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Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams

(Dub) 12 : Scream WORK

Outside in the courtyard, Sonic is walking around and sees the pedestal that the Talisman statue had been on. He goes up to it, and then looks down and sees the Talisman that the camera man had put on the ground earlier that day. He picks it up and examines it. With the sound man, he is still walking the corridor when he finally finds the area where the noise was coming from. It was coming from the wall with the strange symbols on it. As he listens, the sound becomes clear: laughter. Behind him, a few ghosts appear, but disappear when he looks behind him. Lindsey, in her room, hears the laughter, and calls Chris' name, thinking that it was him. When it continues, she gets angry and stands up to face the door, saying that the "little joke" had gone far enough. The laughing stops, so she sits back down, and sees her reflection in the mirror. But it's not her reflection! It has her hair, shirt, and necklace, but instead of her normal face, the face is pure white, with large, circular red and yellow eyes and black pupils. Its mouth is open in a large grin, showing large, sharp black teeth. In a deep voice, it greets her. Lindsey screams.

(Dub) 12 : Scream

Suddenly, more ghostly arms surround them. The four of them scream. Sonic hears them scream and goes off to find them, still holding the talisman. Chris and Tails reach them, but find that Cream and Cheese are missing. Amy hangs onto Ella's hand, which is halfway out of the strange, symbolic wall. The ghost arms disappear into the wall, The three of them pull on Ella's arm, trying to free her, but it is no use. Ella's arm is sucked into the wall. Sonic then appears, asking what had happened. Amy explains that they had been looking for Chris' mother when ghosts attacked them. Sonic says he does not believe in ghosts, but then some of the ghosts' heads poke out of the wall. Sonic kicks the wall hard, breaking it and revealing a large, purple-pink wall. Ghost arms reach out of the wall and grab at them. 041b061a72


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